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Python Back-end Developer

May 22, 2018

Luxoft's SDL NFV orchestration platform is built to enable today's telecom operators and large enterprises to transform their traditional network services infrastructure into network function virtualization. The platform enables rapid and flexible deployment of virtual network functions (VNF) and offers DevOps agility to cloud services providers.
As a backend python developer, you'll be involved in designing, implementing and unit testing the backend that supports SDL web-based UI (JavaScript) via RESTful APIs on top of Flask framework. Also, the backend must integrate with SDL core (Python) via RESTful APIs.


Python, RESTful API, Websockets

- design and implement code changes to cover the new functionality required for product
- unit test the code changes to verify that new functionality is delivered
- review the entire documentation needed for the product
- review code changes implemented by other members of the team when an invite is received
- integration testing of the new functionality delivered, to verify that existing functionality is not broken


- Python development, Database,
- RESTful API development, Web frameworks (Flask, Tornado, etc).