Cluj, Cluj-Napoca

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Python Coder

May 4, 2021

We’re constantly trying to improve our team by looking for the best Python Coders out there. We offer the opportunity for excellent Python Coders to make a difference within our team whilst remaining hands-on technically.

Our preference is for someone who has experience coding in Python or similar on Linux platforms, OOP knowledge, Javascript, SQL, sourcecontrol, standard library/concepts experience, continuous integration agile environments and test driven development exposure, excellent code structuring and commenting skills.

It is also an opportunity for software engineers in Ruby, Perl, Java, PHP or C++ who are comfortable cross training into Python / Django.

What we believe our future coding partners look like:

          Easy to work with, yet challenging
          Smart but not smartasses
          Responsible and passionate about Python
          Oriented towards continuous improvement

They should have interest/experience in:

  • Talent Matching – neural networks, social graphs
  • Building interactive, high traffic, high performance, highly secure web apps
  • Creating and consuming RESTful APIs, web-services (data capturing & exchange)
  • Online payment, webshops, forums
  • User Management, Single Sign On
  • (Live) Media streaming
  • Big Data – algorithms, data mining, polyglot databases, analytics  
  • Web crawling/scraping

Get in touch with us to find more information over a coffee.