Bucuresti, Sector 5

Full Time

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Python Developer / Data scientist

May 16, 2018
A few words about our work at Vivre:
We are developing a “sales & logistics” system (software) which can distribute millions of SKU’s from thousands of suppliers to millions of clients in our markets in a super optimised and cost effective way. We are using the connected human intelligence and capacity (our employees from all departments) and our user/client interactions as a feedback mechanism to improve the system every day. It is a process of deep understanding of how sales, buying, logistics, production, warehousing and delivery works and then to implement them in an integrated and automated system.
We are looking for experienced Python Developers with a passion for understanding and putting Data to work, extracting useful information and knowledge from raw data streams.
Examples of challenges we are tackling:
- Analysing product metrics on more than 1 million SKU
- Analysing and understanding the behaviour of more then 2 million users and clients
- Researching, implementing and deploying ML models for automating processes, predicting patterns regarding every aspect of our business
- Algorithm platform engineering - architect and build technical platforms for our models for training and deployment
- We are developing all our systems in-house and making them highly customised for our needs
What we are looking for:
- Drive and passion about understanding and leveraging data
- Experience with Python, advanced level
- Experience with machine learning algorithms is a big plus
- Good understanding of APIs, services and client server architectures